Phase 1: We Study Your Idea

It all begins when our experienced engineers work with you to create the technical packaging brief: a 360o analysis of your ideas and goals. With this you’re able to define what you’re hoping to achieve and how to measure that success.

Over 85% of our clients say this step was crucial in helping them develop successful packaging ideas.

packaging simulation

Phase 2 : We Test Your Idea

Thanks to our advanced digital simulation technology, Pack 3.0 can test your new packaging concept without making any physical samples. This wide range of virtual tests takes into account industrial requirements, storage and transport requirements, behavior on shelves, consumer usage and more.

Pack 3.0 conducts over 1,000 virtual packaging tests a year. Each one makes our engineers and our process better for you.

pacakaging simulation pack 3.0 our process

Phase 3: We Find Ways to Improve Your Idea

If your new concept doesn’t meet the requirements defined in the technical brief, our visionary and experienced engineers begin testing ways to make your packaging better, so you can achieve your goals…and then some. Take a look at the many ways we’ve helped clients improve their packaging ideas. 

At Pack 3.0, your idea is always your idea. All intellectual property coming from improvements made by our engineers remains yours.

Phase 4: We Measure the Benefits

Once, and only once, after the optimized virtual concept has been created, a physical prototype is manufactured (using for example our highly advanced thermoforming machine). This prototype is then subjected to crucial real world tests so you’re confident it meets all the objectives set out in the technical brief.

Pack 3.0 also offers significant opportunities to increase your return on investment (ROI) by reducing material costs, CO2 footprint and time to market as well as the cost saved on pilot molds due to digital simulation technology.

Phase 5: We Support You After Launch

From the beginning of production to long after your packaging reaches stores and consumers, Pack 3.0 remains your partner to guarantee ongoing performance and consumer satisfaction.

If your needs or goals ever change, we can quickly help make any crucial adjustments.